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Why is the Ember Project Collective?

“Sometimes you gotta create what you want to be a part of”

– Geri Weitzman

What is the Ember Project Collective?

We’re a community of artists, architects, athletes, adventurers. We get that tingly feeling when a big project is coming together. We connect creators, executors, and ambassadors to join complementary skills together to make things happen.

Yea, but… what do you do? What do you ‘make happen’?

Connections and friendships, mainly. And short films.

But we’re very much in to creating music, worshiping the outdoors, sophisticated shenanigans, and big social events. So, we do all that stuff, and sometimes film it.

Who are you?

Mostly youngish professionals. Most of us are in the 20-40 age group, but our strongest value is inclusivity, so all are welcome. We’re engineers, performers, providers, and executors, all trying to include people in our lives that share the same fun and values.

Speaking of those values, what are you ‘about’?

We are about inclusion; we only see your positivity and attitude. Nothing else.

We are about doing; we are high-performing, motivated folks. Having fun is hard work.

We are about creativity; we match diverse talents to make a sum greater than its parts.

We are about being good humans; we help each other, donate time, and protect the planet.

We are about shenanigans; jokes, parties, pranks, surprises, staying up till sunrise.

How does the business side work?

We’re brand new, so we’re still figuring that out. Currently, we admit, our projects are far from being a source of income, so we’re mostly self-funded by a few generous contributors.

We’re hoping to grow an online audience, and along the way, pick up some sponsors compliant with our values (fair trade, ethical, good-natured, eco-friendly small businesses). If we ever get this thing in the black, we aim to compensate collective members for their professional skills, and donate some profits to environmental conservation charities like Western Resource Advocates.

How does a project work?

We keep a pipeline of ideas. We pick one to attempt. We tell everyone in the EPC (remember that inclusive part?) and specifically ask a few to be leaders. We arm our photon torpedos (get our Google Drive and Slack on). We pick a shoot date. We organize and communicate. We book talent. We figure out the location. We pack the RV. (Oh, did we not mention our PartyRV?) We drive. We set up cameras and gear. We soundcheck. We shoot. We after-party around the campfire. We wake up the next day. We clean up our mess. We jump in the nearest water hole. We go home and sleep. We wake up again. We edit. We publish. We thumb down mean YouTube comments.

Honestly, we’re way more chaotic and fun-loving than the premise of your question, but we appreciate your help moving things along.

Wait, so if I join, I’m doing unpaid work?

There’s no formal commitment with joining EPC. Most of us have day jobs, and participate in EPC projects with our side skills. We especially try to focus on paying those who donate professional resources or time. Mainly, we’re in it for the fun of getting a big group of friends together to execute something big.

We are trying like hell to grow to be sustainable in all ways, including financially. Until then, we’re still providing food, drinks, and party supplies whenever we gather.

Is it all work?

For most of us, it’s never work. That’s the point. But if you’re asking if we ever hang out for the sake of hanging out, the answer is obvious: no we hate fun and fun things.

Actually, we started EPC to make friends, and it’s still objective #1. So we throw tailgates, house parties, camping trips, go rock climbing, take the RV to festivals, enjoy powder days. We throw down at live shows, and if you play music, we regularly jam.

The whole point is that you’ll meet friends in your own way with us.

Can I skip the projects and just join for the parties?

Like we said, we are all about inclusion. Sounds like your excluding yourself, slick. All are welcome to any of our events, but if you’re looking for friends, you’ll have better success by engaging.

Any, like, rules?

Maybe like… 5.

  • Rule 1: Don’t be a jerk. Did we mention that inclusivity thing?
  • Rule 2: Bring something: A skill. A camera. A plate of cookies. A case of beer. A new friend.
  • Rule 3: Be positive, smile often, be kind. Be a good friend.
  • Rule 4: Clean up after yourself. Help tidy camp, and avoid disrupting ecosystems.
  • Rule 5: Engage. Find ways to lead, help, share, move, motivate, encourage, collaborate.

Oh, and if you have a dog, you have to bring them to all shoot days. Standard procedure, sorry. Hey, we don’t make the rules.

Is there a leader?

No. A few of us pay some bills. Our founder is Nick and he likes golden retrievers and Hammond organs.