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The Ember Project Collective
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The Ember Project Charter

We’re building a group of local front-range folks to collaborate on projects aiming to do a little good in the world. We’ll combine our talents to create works of art, host big parties, and invent new ways to support causes we believe in.

Our community is totally inclusive and open-minded by-design. We maintain an open mindset to new ideas, and prioritize efforts that steward the earth as one organism; where the health and happiness of our fellow humans, other forms of life, and the earth itself are integral to our own well-being.

In practice, this means we will seek to benefit local charities and causes that promote the well-being of fellow humans and the planet they inhabit. We will seek collaborators and partners that demonstrate fair trade, ethical, good-natured, eco-friendly, and inclusive business practices.

We are a community first, with occasional organization. We will invest in our tribe by getting a bunch of humans together in a steady rhythm of backyard parties, jam sessions, powder days, camping trips, and as many jokes as possible.

Above all else, we’ll have as much fun as we can, trying to leave this place a little better than we found it.